Real and maintainable fitness goals are long time goals

23 Jan 2009 07:09
Jean-Loup Fenaux
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Many people when they start running or enter a fitness program are looking for quick and easy results. The web is full of ads and articles promoting the last trendy way to loose weight or to become fit and healthy in a few weeks without depriving oneself. We all know as marathoners, that it isn’t true.

Dumbbells - Hanteln
Creative Commons License photo credit: Iwan Gabovitch

While it is easy to get started, it is quite hard to keep on training, keep on paying attention to your diet. The first results are easy to achieve. It’s like picking low hanging fruits. But if you stop your activity, theses results are also rapidly gone. Real and maintainable fitness goals are long time goals.

This is exactly what ‘’’>Fitness Isn’t an Overnight Sensation’, an article at the NewYork Times, illustrates.