Registration for the Paris Marathon 2015 reopens on September 9th

04 Sep 2014 06:25
Jean-Loup Fenaux
Paris Marathon 2014

A.S.O., the race organizer changed the way runners can register for the Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris that will take place on April 12th 2015.

This year, the day after the race that was held on April 6th 2014, runners could enter a lottery to get one of the 20,000 first bibs. The lottery was held on April 22nd.

After this first phase, 25,000 bid are left. This is why the A.S.O. Challenges platform will reopen on September 9th for those who want to run in 2015 in Paris.

Price table

5,000 first registered runners 75 € Sold out from 5,001 to 10,000 89 € Sold out from 10,001 to 37,000 99 € 17,000 bibs left from 37,001 to 45,000 109 €

Another way to get your bib for the 2015 Paris marathon is to go through one of the authorized Tour Operators.