Results : 2014 Western States Endurance Run

30 Jun 2014 04:25
Jean-Loup Fenaux
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Credit : Jon Roig

As each year at the end of June, the elite of American Ultra runners, come back to Squaw Valley in California to take part in the Western States Endurance Run. Western States is the first 100 Miler in History. It used to be a horse riding race, until Gordy Ainsleig at the beginning of the 70s manage to run the whole course from Squaw Valley et Auburn in less than 24h. This is the race that inspired all 100 Miler organized all around the world.

The course starts in the snows of the Squaw Valley ski resort and end at the stadium in Auburn, after having crossed several canyons where the heat put the runners under considerable stress.

Each year more than 2,000 runner having completed one of the qualifying races participate in the lottery that determines the happy 369 runners that are allowed to take part in the race. On the top 10 runners of the previous edition get an automatic participation. This year 2,704 runners took part in the lottery.

Rob Krar, who finished second last year, dominated the race and reached Auburn in 14:53:22. This is the second best time in the history of Western States. He finishes with confortable lead over Seth Swanson (15:19:39) and Dylan Bowman (15:36:41).

Stephanie Howe, who was running her first 100 miler at WS, claimed the women’s title. With a wining time of 18:01:42, she finishes almost half an hour before Larisa Dannis (18:29:18). Nathalie Mauclair from France took the third place (18:43:57).

Top 10 Men

1 Rob Krar 14:53:22
2 Seth Swanson 15:19:39
3 Dylan Bowman 15:36:41
4 Max King 15:44:45
5 Ryan Sandes 15:46:59
6 Ian Sharman 15:47:50
7 Alex Varner 15:53:42
8 Brendan Davies 15:56:49
9 Brett Rivers 16:20:06
10 Jesse Haynes 16:36:42

Top 10 Ladies

1 Stephanie Howe 18:01:42
2 Larisa Dannis 18:29:18
3 Mauclair Nathalie 18:43:57
4 Pam Smith 19:10:42
5 Nikki Kimball 19:51:31
6 Kaci Lickteig 20:07:10
7 Denise Bourassa 20:19:30
8 Meghan Arbogast 21:14:48
9 Shaheen Sattar 21:20:49
10 Sally Mcrae 21:24:43

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