Results 2016: Mainova Marathon Frankfurt

31 Oct 2016 09:57
Jean-Loup Fenaux
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Mark Korir 2016 winner
Credit : Frankfurt Marathon

Mark Korir scored victory with a time of 02:06:48, followed by Martyn Kosgei who finished with a time of 02:07:22. Finishing third was Cybrian Kotut (02:07:28).

In the women’s race, Mamitu Daska got a win, finishing with a time of 02:25:27 . She bested Fate Tola who crossed the finish line 15 seconds behind her. The third place went to Sarah Jebet with a time of 02:27:07

Top 5 Men

Mamitu Daska Women's  winner 2016
Credit : Frankfurt Marathon

Top 5 Women

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The next edition of the Mainova Marathon Frankfurt will be on October 29, 2017.