Press Release

Run in Zeus’ steps

26 Oct 2012 11:13
Jean-Loup Fenaux

Welcome to Greece… Welcome to Crete… and its highest mountain Psiloritis, where Zeus was brought up.

Τhe non-profit company “Race Psiloritis” is organizing the fourth international sporting endurance event called «Psiloritis Race», with a threshold of 250 athletes from Greece and abroad.

The International Mountain Race Psiloritis, except the uniqueness of Crete, is offering a unique mountain endurance sporting experience and adventure. It aims to attract Greek and foreign athletes who dedicate themselves to mountain running and give them the opportunity to experience a unique struggle of seven (7) hours in touch with the natural environment of the mountain. Hence, athletes who will take part in «Psiloritis Race» should be able to implement the philosophy of semi-autonomy, carrying a mandatory minimum equipment that will provide them with both security and self sufficiency during the race, despite the systematic and regular supply intervals of the event.

The «Psiloritis Race» will take place on a length total of 35 km. The race will start at 7:30 a.m. on Sunday, June 2 from the site Nida in Psiloritis. The athletes who will participate in the race will experience a combination of ground (length 16.5 km) asphalt (length 3 km) and paths (length 15.5 km). They will pass through the following locations: Nida, Akolita, Louki, Korifi-Timios Stavros, Kalogrades, Katafigio, Spilia, Pardi, Mesoskouro, Lakoudia, Kouroutes.

Those interested to learn more about the race can visit the website, where they can apply and participate by completing an online application (

With your participation either as athletes, as volunteers or spectators, we invite you to join us and experience in person the Cretan hospitality.