RunCzech intent on creating running rankings for everyone

23 Nov 2012 16:38
Jean-Loup Fenaux
Press Release

New for 2013 – the Karlovy Vary Half Marathon and Košice Peace Marathon to be included

The first year of the RunCzech running series ending with the Volkswagen Ústí nad Labem Half Marathonin mid-September has been rated by organisers as a huge success. 64 043 runners from 106 countries took part in a total of 48 races spanning 14 cities, boasting world stars at the helm including world record-holder, Patrick Makau! “We had some goals in mind but the results are possibly even better. We’re delighted to have been able to provide so many people with so much pleasure derived from running,” commented Carlo Capalbo, Chair of the Organising Committee.

“By the end of November, we plan to publish the unrivalled ranking system for RunCzech running league,” promised Václav Skřivánek from the organizing team. It classifies runners in terms of gender but also includes 6 age categories and 68 professions with a special co- efficient according to the times attained in the various races, ranging from the 5 km (1), the 10 km (1.5), and half-marathon (3) right up to the marathon (5). In running, it can be said that everyone emerges as a winner. However we want to offer something as running league in addition to this. We spent a long time searching for the correct algorithm to make it as intelligible as possible and allowing everyone to find himself in the rotation easily, Skřivánek added.

Credit : RunCzech

The six competing runs attracted a total of 34 347 runners, of whom 7 997 participants were competing for the first time ever. Capacity for start numbers was already reached several days before the actual race. The Hervis Prague Half Marathon kicking off the season in March made history surpassing the highest participation rate ever recorded on Czech soil at 11 085 participants. Meanwhile the premiere of the Mattoni České Budějovice Half Marathon confirmed the huge public interest in running throughout the country by managing to hit 1438 start places in advance of the race.

“Men dominated in the competing runs constituting 71% of all participants. However, at 56%, we witnessed a greater number women taking part in the non-competing family runs,” revealed Zoran Bartek from the organising team. “The Czech Republic is currently experiencing a boom in running with the number of participants increasing by 23% compared to last year. During the eighteen years races that have been taking place, we have recorded in excess of 550 000 participants. Despite this, statistics from research carried out by GfK reveal that 81% of the population don’t run at all. It presents a new challenge for us to bring this number down,” race coordinator, Tomáš Mirovský stated.

First-rate sporting quality unquestionably also plays a role. The winning time of 58:47 by Atsedu Tsegaye at the Hervis Prague Half Marathon managed to come out as the best world time for the whole year! The Olomouc Half Marathon also scooped up a new IAAF Silver Road Race Label after just three years of being launched. Only seven countries throughout the e world can pride themselves on organising four or more races with an IAAF quality label (The Volkswagen Prague Marathon and Hervis Prague Half Marathon boast Gold labels, the METRO 10k Race held as part of the Mattoni Prague Grand Prix has Silver alongside the Olomouc Half Marathon).

In time for the next season, the RunCzech running league will welcome yet another race; that of the Karlovy Vary Half Marathon. The race will kick off on May 25 at the popular early evening time slot of 6 pm. The registration for this new event is already open. The ranking system 2013 will also include the race results from the oldest marathon in Europe, the Košice Peace Marathon.