Press Release

RunCzech opens registration for the season 2016 as well as the second marathon in Prague

21 Sep 2015 12:20
Jean-Loup Fenaux
Credit : RunCzech

RunCzech launches registration for the running season 2016 as well as the second marathon in Prague. One is real, the other one is digital. The organizers of the RunCzech Running League have presented today the world premiere of the Prague Digital Marathon.

The participants from all over the world will start the historic first Prague Digital Marathon on the same day and time as the real one – Sunday, 8 May 2016, together with more than 10 000 runners that will cross the start line on the famous Old Town Square.

There’s no need for them to travel to Prague, or to buy a starting number. All they need is the RunSocial application and a treadmill.

“A couple of years ago no one has thought of a digital marathon. Now you can run with whoever, whenever and, what’s more important, wherever. No matter if you are in New York, Tokyo or London, you can enjoy the magnificent course of the Volkswagen Prague Marathon. This creates a global fitness center”, enthusiastically says Carlo Capalbo, President of the Organizing Committee. “I’m proud of the fact that we can present this project here in Prague”.

RunSocial application is available for free for iOS, the Android version will be prepared next year. Then all you need is to create a profile, or an avatar, and run up. You will meet other avatars, who are at the moment on the course as well, you gain and in fact run a real race.

“The course was scanned during a real marathon, so that you will see the real marathon course, spectators and feel this unique atmosphere. The video is of high quality, with the tiniest details and is prepared using the technology which is used for the creation of video games”, explains Marc Hardy, creator of the application. “The RunSocial application is a pioneer in the world of running technologies, which moves it one step forward”.

The application can be used with any treadmill. The distance is being measured by shakes, which are then recounted as strides, thus determining your position on the course. The second and more precise way is the measuring by the so called TreadTracker, a special device with a small wheel, which is inserted under the treadmill; the wheel counts the distance run and transfers it through Bluetooth to a mobile phone or tablet. Eventually it will also be measured by GPS, which will allow you to use the application outdoors and to run virtually with your friends or colleagues on a treadmill or to join the Prague Digital Marathon.

The Prague Digital Marathon starts on the day of the real Volkswagen Prague Marathon on Sunday, May 8 at 9 a.m. Marathon runners from all over the world can join the runners starting at the Old Town Square and will run together the distance of 42,185 km. After the race each runner will get a digital medal and learn their position in the results list. However you can already test the course now and experience running through the Volkswagen Prague Marathon course.

Creators of the application intend to expand an offer of the courses and thoroughly choose other marathons.

The demonstration of how the Prague Digital Marathon functions is captured in a short video, more detailed information about the whole project can be found at The trial version of 1,5 km Prague marathon course can be tested for free, a 10 km section can be downloaded for 3,99 € and the whole marathon for 9,99 €.

The Prague Digital Marathon is definitely the most unique addition of 2016; however RunCzech is preparing also others. “Next year the Sportisimo Prague Half Marathon will be organized only for the half marathon runners and teams. Relays will follow. In April we will organize a separate relay race only”, says the race director Václav Skřivánek. Besides that, the adidas Women’s Race 5 km at the Birell Prague Grand Prix will be open to female runners from the age of 12.

Registration for the RunCzech Running League races 2016 is already open at, where you can also find dates of all our races.