Running : does it hurt or help your knees?

18 Oct 2010 06:40
Jean-Loup Fenaux
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Knees in the cloudsCredit : BiscarotteIn an article published last year, the New York Times tackled a usual and controversial issue about running.
Didn’t you already have a discussion with a friend or a family member telling you to lower your milage, that running will ruin your knees?

According to a Austrian study published last year, which followed marathon runners during 10 years, “Continuous exercise is protective, rather than destructive” to knees.

It seems that running helps runners build a protective shield against arthritis.

Read the article – Phys Ed: Can Running Actually Help Your Knees?

In a follow-up article last week, the NYT presents new studies which show that long distance running has an impact on the knees. The knees actually adapt themselves to the various forces pulling the joins during a run. But is that adaptation beneficial or a sign of damage?

Phys Ed: Do Marathons Hurt Your Knees?

What is your personal experience on the matter?