Running with the Bears Marathon sold out 3rd year in a row!

11 Feb 2016 09:31
Jean-Loup Fenaux
Press Release
Credit : Running with the Bears Marathon

Greenville, CA: The Running with the Bears Marathon, Half Marathon, and 10K has sold out regular registration for the third year in a row, a record 176 days before Race Day.

This tiny Boston Qualifying marathon is one of the smallest in the Country and is managed entirely by the Charity it benefits- Mountain Circle Family Services.

The 2016 Running with the Bears (RWTB) event, on Saturday August 20th, will welcome 500 athletes from all over the County and world, plus an additional 100 Charity Runners. Participants who did not register in time can still sign up for Mountain Circle’s Charity Division.

“We are so excited that this many people want to come run in the Indian Valley,” says Race Director Josie Litchfield, “and selling out early gives our team more time to prepare for Race Day.”

Just like in 2015, female RWTB athletes vastly outnumber male participants. The final tally has 342 female participants and 158 male participants- this is the highest % of female road runners in any race in California!

A breakdown between the three races shoes 111 runners in the Marathon division, 241 runners in the Half Marathon , and 143 in the 10K. The largest segment of runners will be in the 50-59 range with the following breakdown in the other age categories: Under 18 years old: 18, ages 19-24: 9, ages: 25-29: 38, ages 30-39: 113, ages 40-49: 101, ages 50-59: 133, ages 60-69: 73, ages 70+ 15.

The top three winners of each category will receive additional medals and gifts from the Running with the Bears sponsors, including stays at local hot springs and winery.

Running with the Bears is the annual fundraiser for Mountain Circle Family Services, a local foster care and adoption agency. Mountain Circle has now opened up a limited amount of registrations for Charity Runners only. To learn more about this program please visit: www.Runningwiththebears.Org