Sébastien Spehler and Maud Gobert win the 6000D in the French Alps

27 Jul 2014 13:30
Jean-Loup Fenaux
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Credit : La 6000D

1,397 mountain runners were on the start line of the 25th edition this Saturday morning. After a 63 km run with 4,000 m of elevation gain, they were only 1288 to cross the finish line. Sébastien Spehler and Maud Gobert dominated the field in their respective categories.

Sébastien Spehler finishes the race in 5:37:43, more than 10 minutes ahead of his principal opponent Aurélien Collet (5:48:33). Thomas St Girons took the third place in 6:02:44.
Sébastien had already won the race last year (equal first).

Credit : La 6000D

Maud Gobert wins her third title on the 6000D in 6:51:31. She has been in the lead during the whole race. She finishes in front of Charlie Ramsdale (7:16:31) and Christine Denis-Billet (7:18:32).

Due to the bad weather, (it was raining on the start line and it remained cloudy during the whole day), the organizer had to modify the route. The runners didn’t go through the glacier. The unprecedented route took them to the Chiaupe pass and culminated at 2,700m, but didn’t change the overall distance or elevation change. This was the second time in 25 editions that the course had to be changed.

Credit : La 6000D

Next year the event will take place on July 25th.

Top 10 Ladies

1 GOBERT Maud 06:51:31
2 RAMSDALE Charlie 07:16:24
3 DENIS BILLET Christine 07:18:32
4 HERVE Agnès 07:26:53
5 COQUARD Aline 07:35:29
6 LEFEBVRE Cécile 07:50:05
7 DE LA HOUGUE Héloise 08:08:02
8 VALERO Anne 08:10:30
9 SIRE VAUX Laurence 08:20:17
10 RAI Manikala 08:29:04

Top 10 Hommes

1 SPEHLER Sébastien 05:37:44
2 COLLET Aurélien 05:48:33
3 SAINT GIRONS Thomas 06:02:44
4 HAYETINE Alexandre 06:08:43
5 PERRIGNON Arnaud 06:10:31
6 DUHAIL Nicolas 06:11:23
7 STUCK Yoann 06:11:55
8 POMMERET Ludovic 06:14:40
9 JUNG Frédéric 06:18:47
10 GARNIER Francis 06:19:44

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