Spirit of the Marathon DVD Giveaway

30 Sep 2009 00:00
Jean-Loup Fenaux

In order to celebrate the launch of ahotu Marathons. We have decided team up with Jon Dunham the Director of the movie ‘Spirit of the Marathon’ and organize a weekly DVD giveaway.

I"ve already mentioned the launch in Europe of the DVD with a Movie Premiere in Berlin in a previous post : ‘Spirit of the Marathon’ to make European Premiere

It is a great documentary I’m proud to be associated with.

How to participate ?

It’s easy ! To be eligible for this DVD giveaway, all yo have to do is to create an account on ahotu Marathons and attach a photo to your profile.

A random member will be selected at the end of each week and will receive his/her DVD.

More information about the giveaway…

Create an account and participate in the weekly giveaway…