Tel Aviv Marathon 2011

27 Jan 2011 07:04
Jean-Loup Fenaux
Press Release

Tel Aviv Marathon is a leading sports event to take place again this spring in one of the most exciting Mediterranean locations.

Tel Aviv today is among the leading metropolitan attractions of the world, combining one of the most ancient port cities – Jaffa, with the vibrant modern Tel Aviv. It is a fascinating urban combination of east and west extraordinarily rich in culture, business and entertainment life.

Tel Aviv marathon is a multi course event which enables runners of various levels and styles to participate. It is a yearly city celebration suitable for the most professional long distance runners, as well as beginners. This year’s marathon is open to runners in the following courses: a Marathon, a Half Marathon, an Urban Run of 10km, and a 10% Race of 4.2km which takes place in the beautiful historical city.

The event will also include a Half Marathon course for Rollerblades and a Hand Cycle Race for people with special needs. Running along the sea line and in between the International Style buildings that have granted the city world heritage recognition, promises a unique experience.

The upcoming Marathon will take place on April 8th 2011 , next marathon dates are: 30.3.2012, 15.3.2013, 8.4.2014.

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