The fastest female journalist of RunCzech 2012 comes from USA. Who is the fastest among other 67 professions?

19 Dec 2012 12:38
Jean-Loup Fenaux
Press Release

The best scientist can run the marathon in 3:06, the best fire-fighter in 2:35. This is what the RunCzech Running League is all about – a unique ranking system classifying runners according to gender and age, however, above all, according to profession. “The rankings gather the results of 14 793 runners who are then divided into 68 professions,” reveals Race Ranking Manager, Václav Skřivánek.

The rankings incorporate all competitive runs within the RunCzech running league – starting with the 5 km all the way to the marathon distance. Each race is assigned its own coefficient which assesses finishing times attained by individual runners. “Since the marathon ranks as a royal course, it comes with the highest coefficient; hence the top ranking positions primarily involve runners who put in good performances at this magical 42.195 km race,” says Skřivánek unveiling details of how the rules are applied.

The organisers are confident that this unique longstanding ranking will entice other interested parties to take part in its races, keen to try out as many races on the RunCzech ranking list as possible since the final pecking order is taken from the top three results gathered over the course of the year.

In 2012 a total of 34 346 runners took part in six competitive runs within the RunCzech running league, of which 14 793 registered themselves on the ranking system according to profession. Two further races will be added to the RunCzech league next year when we can look forward to seeing the number of participating numbers pass the 20 000 mark. This will make the prospect of winning individual categories even more prestigious than so far.

You can view a full list of results on Interesting facts about the RunCzech ranking:

  • The fastest Brew Master among Men comes from Germany
  • The fastest hairdresser among men is French
  • The fastest housewife among men is from Slovakia
  • The fastest writer among women is British
  • The profession listed most frequently by runners was “manager”, totalling 12% of all runners

Races featuring in the RunCzech running league in 2013: