The first issues of an new series of interviews

16 Feb 2008 11:39
Jean-Loup Fenaux
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At the end of January, I was brainstorming to find a new kind of post I could publish on this blog. As the topic of the blog and the main site ( is worldwide marathons. I was asking myself a simple question. Who would be the best to talk about the diversity of marathons around the world ?

The answer came as a flash : the marathons organizers. So I decided to give it a try. I first asked Nicole Rouvet, the director of the new Marathon des oubliés des vacances, the first marathon ever organized in Clermont-Ferrand, France, if she would answer a few questions to present her marathon.

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The answer wasn’t long to come back and it was a big YES ! The first interview was in French and can be found on the French version of this blog.
Premier marathon de Clermont-Ferrand : Interview de Nicole Rouvet

This gave me encouragement to keep on in that direction, this time in English. My second interview was with on Yakima River Canyon marathon. It’s director Bob Dolphin gave me a wonderful interview. You should have a look at it here.

I kept on asking for interviews and the answers were always very positive. This lead me to decide to make directors’ interview a recurring rendez-vous on the blog. Every Sunday, a new interview will be published.

Tomorrow (February 17th) we will focus on Sandi Heal from the Royal Victoria Marathon. Next week we’ll than fly to Arizona to meet Jeff Fultz, the director of the Shiprock Marathon.

This is only the beginning… I want to visit all continents with my interviews. In the next weeks, we’ll visit my home continent Europe, going to Finland and to Belgium. Who knows were we’ll be heading next.

My goal with these short interviews is to show the diversity of marathons available throughout the world and the kindness of the organizers that dedicate their time to let us runners enjoy the race and the whereabouts.

If you are a marathon director, a member of an organization committee, or know one who would like to take part in this project, do not hesitate do drop me an e-mail or leave a comment below. I’ll be glad to come back to you. All interviews are done by e-mail, for now in French or in English.

All interviews are listed on a specific page of the blog.

Comments are welcome if you like the concept or have clues to improve the interviews.