The last remaining start numbers for the Mattoni Karlovy Vary Half Marathon

22 Mar 2013 16:00
Jean-Loup Fenaux
Press Release

Interest in participating at the first ever Mattoni Karlovy Vary Half Marathon is huge. With two more months to go before the actual race, organisers have already reached over 50% of the overall race capacity. Here they also reveal details regarding transport restrictions in place on race day

“A maximum of 1 800 runners are allowed to take part in the race. At this stage we already have over 900 competing runners signed up for the race, 40% of which hail from the Karlovy Vary Region, followed by Prague (26%), the Ustí Region (10.4%) and the Central Bohemian Region (10.2%). A third of those registered are women. 90% of sign-ups come from the Czech Republic followed by our neighbouring countries, however we also have some runners from the United States, Mexico and Azerbaijan,” comments Veronika Honsová from the organisational team.

“You can take part in the race choosing from a variety of course distances. Aside from the entire half-marathon, (21. 0975 km), there’s also the option of running in a four-member relay race where the first three members run 5 km and the last one takes on the remaining 6. 0975 km. Alternatively, the course may be divided into two segments in the 2RUN race, whereby the first member of the couple runs 10 km and the second, 11. 0975 km. If you’re struggling to find a colleague to run with you in either the 2RUN or relay race, you can take advantage of our new co-runner service on, where you can find a team mate” says Honsová.

The Mattoni Karlovy Vary Half Marathon forms part of the RunCzech Running League which boasts a prestigious ranking system allowing participants to measure their results against other runners in sex, age and, most interesting, profession categories. RunCzech races guarantee runners a high standard of service. Refreshment stations along the course, rescue services, facilities for runners including changing rooms, showers, baggage storage area, massages and athletic tape. The quality of the services provided and race organisation are also appreciated by the most prominent of athletic associations. The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) has already awarded the organisers with a total of 5 quality labels (2 Gold and 3 Silver Labels) while last year the Czech Athletics Union granted the team a gold plaque for best organiser of athletics races in the Czech Republic.

The race will commence at 18:00 hours on 25th May from nábřeží Osvobození (Liberation Embankment) from the post office building. Competing runners will set off along Zahradní Street heading to Mlýnská kolonáda across Stará louka up to the Grandhotel Pupp, after which they return on the opposite side of the colonnade across Divadelní náměstí (Theatre Square) around the thermal spa towards 17. Listopadu Bridge. In addition runners will complete part of the circuit in Tuhnicíce where they will run along Západní, Šumavská amd Moskevská Streets and along T. G. Masaryka Třída (T.G Masaryk Avenue).

The Mattoni Family Run aimed at families and children also forms part of the race and is scheduled to kick off 2 hours before the main race. The 3 km course allows children to sample the amazing atmosphere of large-scale races without having to run the whole course. Whether adults or children, each competing runner who signs up receives a start number and t-shirt. Plus there’s something to look forward to at the end of the course with everybody passing the finishing line being awarded a medal!

RunCzech races really are for everyone. If you’re still wondering whether or not to sign up for the Karlovy Vary race, you shouldn’t procrastinate for too much longer. More and more registrations are flooding in each day and it’s possible that capacity will be filled in advance. And wouldn’t it be a shame to miss out on getting a slice of the action at the first ever Mattoni Karlovy Vary Half Marathon?