The North Face Endurance Challenge on the road in Kansas City

26 May 2011 08:00
Jean-Loup Fenaux
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§staticmap(9925,5,450,250)Hello, on August 27 2011, you’ll be organizing The North Face Endurance Challenge Kansas City 50k. Can you tell us where it is located?

Kansas City Missouri. Start and Finish at Frank A. Theis Park.

This is the inaugural race. What motivated the creation of the event?

The North Face wanted to expand the trail series format into a new market but do it on the ROAD…The North Face decided on this market

What kind of route have you set up for the runners? How would you describe it?

It is a clockwise loop of the City. The course runs by everything iconic with Kansas City with the various old neighborhoods, downtown area and the Missouri River. The course will be very challenging and surprisingly hilly.

KC Skyline
Credit : Allen Brewer
How many runners do you expect on Saturday morning? What type of runners do you plan to attract?

Not sure how many runners we can expect in August… As for the type….they better like road running…..they better be adventurous….and up for the challenge of the KC terrain and heat.

Do you organize other races during the Week-End? If so, on what distances?

YES… On Saturday Aug 27th we also offer a marathon distance and marathon relay distance On Sunday Aug 28th we offer a half marathon distance, 10K and 5K

At that time of the year, what kind of weather can we expect?

Potentially very hot and humid. 90’s potential with as much humidity…but you never know in this part of the country.

Brush Creek, Kansas City
Credit : Chris Murphy
The race finished, what advice would you give a runner who has never been to Kansas City before? A good restaurant, a fancy sightseeing?

There are plenty of good restaurants and sights to see at the County Club Plaza, which is walking distance from the Main Event site at Frank A. Theis park. The North Face retail store is also in this area.

In a single sentence, what would you tell the readers of ahotu Marathons to make them register for the The North Face Endurance Challenge Kansas City 50k?

If you want to challenge yourself and see a beautiful part of the country in a beautiful city and run a well organized event….sign up for this event

Nick Moore - Race Director for all 6 North Face Endurance Challenges
Interview with Nick Moore, avid runner and adventure racer. Nick is Race Director for all 6 North Face Endurance Challenges.

The North Face Endurance Challenge Kansas City