The Spanish <i>uno, dos y tres</i>

10 Feb 2009 17:39
Jean-Loup Fenaux

Writing about marathons with an injured calf is somewhat dissappointing but… now I have time to rest! And I can post here about insanity and marathons.

Just one example. Take a normal spring marathon calendar. A major event per country (London, Paris, Hamburg) to which secondary actors get closer and closer Well, boys and girls. Please take some breath and have a read: the Spanish one-two-three within 1 week. Marathons of Valencia and Sevilla will share race date this year. And Barcelona, a true growing machine that pretends to reach the 10,000 entrants, will appear only one week after. That means 75% of the long marathon season in Spain will take place in 7 days.

Wacky! Are we so rare? Did we plan it years ago when somebody decide that Madrid (April), Barcelona (March) and sevilla & Valencia (February) had to be organised in the only 3 runable months of the year? It looks like it was that way. Anyhow, up to 24,000 runners will do the whole stuff in the coming weeks, of which 15,000 will pack the city streets next 22nd Feb and 1st March.

Barcelona announces a major effort to head the marathons in Spain. Two weeks to go their website declares 9008 entries already. Sevilla is a welcoming event where new add-ons took place; some of the cobblestone alleys of last kilometres were removed and substituted by more broad avenues and better pavement. Valencia will try to settle its new race course: it will bring runners through the F-1 paddocks and curves at two points of the race. Each marathon is spending imagination and resources to fulfill their best predictions. I would be pleased to run all three: good weather, flat and friendly cities and decent courses despite some criticism risen towards city authorities. But I simply can. First, I am injured. Second, I cannot run 126k in 2 Sundays. Third, if I could, I cannot be one day in two different cities at the same starting time. Yet.

So … Leave your cars at home, O Spaniards! We get into action. You can always drive or bike your town from June to November.