World Orienteering Championships 2014: Italy gets dressed

14 May 2013 11:53
Jean-Loup Fenaux
Press Release

Italy’s Veneto and Trentino regions host 2014 WOC and WTOC First World Orienteering Championships ever hosted in the country A Sprint Relay event to make its debut in the city of Trento The ‘5 Days of Italy’ event already scheduled

Orienteering as a sport discipline was born in the Scandinavian Peninsula over a century ago. Its popularity has been growing at a rapid pace in the past years and in summer 2014 the first ever World Orienteering and Trail Orienteering Championships will take place in Italy.

From July 5 to 13, Trentino and Veneto regions in the north-eastern side of the country will be welcoming thousands of orienteering athletes, lovers and fans who will certainly enjoy landscapes through the Folgaria, Lavarone, Luserna and Asiago plateaus, plus the cities of Venice and Trento.

Sprint, Middle Distance, Long Distance, Relay and the new Sprint Relay are the five race events scheduled for the Italian championships, and the last one will be making its first official appearance as part of the discipline. Trento city centre, its narrow streets and ancient squares will be housing an exciting sprint relay event with teams of four athletes (2 male and 2 female) competing inside a relatively small area so as spectators and media can better follow and understand what is happening.

Trail Orienteering (TrailO) events are also scheduled along with the above mentioned races and some new titles of world champions will be awarded. TrailO can be enjoyed by all, including those with disabilities, and in this case the element of speed and the physical part are completely eliminated. Orienteering skills, terrain interpretation and map reading become way harder than usual and the key to success.

The 2014 WOC-WTOC will kick off on July 5 and the city of Venice will stage the Sprint event, part on the beautiful little island of Burano – famous for its lacemaking – and part through the canals, picturesque bridges and side streets in historical Venice. The Opening Ceremony will take place on July 6 in the town of Asiago and on the same day the ‘5 Days of Italy’ will start off. This event is open to amateurs, of any age group, who will have the opportunity to race on the same terrains where world’s best athletes will be fighting for medals.

As said, Trento will host the Sprint Relay event on Monday July 7, while the WTOC TempO qualification race will get on track in Alberè di Tenna, a little village not far from the city. The TempO final event is scheduled on the following day (rest day for the WOC athletes). The Long Distance race will take place in Lavarone (Trentino region) on July 9 together with the WTOC Day 1 events in close-by Luserna. All the athletes will move to the Asiago plateau (Veneto region) on July 11 for the Middle Distance race and WTOC Day 2. The village of Campomulo will host the eventual Relay event on Saturday July 12, while the WOC and WTOC closing ceremony will take place in Lavarone on Sunday. On Thursday July 10, the IOF General Assembly will take place in Lavarone.

The Trentino and Veneto areas represent the heart of Orienteering disciplines in Italy. The National Orienteering Federation (FISO) is based in Trento and the first ever orienteering competition took place in Trentino region in 1974. Today, FISO counts over 10.000 active members.

In the past years, big orienteering events took place in this area, such as the World Masters Orienteering Championships 2004 in Asiago or the Junior World Orienteering Championships 2009 in Primiero. Info and update, plus embargoed areas and general rules are available on and