About us

About Ahotu

Ahotu is a web services editor specialised in endurance running. It has created and manages the first world wide marathons database.

Through the web site marathons.ahotu.com, Ahotu offers unique services to help runners from all over the world select their next race, exchange with their peers and organize their trip.

We will also offer in the near future a B2B service offering dedicated to race organizers to help them reach a vast community of runners.

Jean-Loup Fenaux, the founder of Ahotu, is a passionate marathon runner. He started developing the web site 42k195.com in late 2006. Two years later, the international audience grew to more than 30 000 unique visitors per month. The site is regularly complimented as a valuable and accurate source of information.

In mai 2009, following the inception of Ahotu, www.42k195.com became ahotu Maratons.

The problem ?

When you have participated all the races organized in the vicinity of your home, wouldn’t you fancy discovering new races, new sightseeings, new destinations that would allow you to mix family holidays with the pleasure of running a new race?

But how can you get informed of all the marathons organized the whole world round?

Specialized travel agencies only offer a handful of marathons. Always the same. The ones that get the attention of the media and that you already know. And the packages proposed aren’t always affordable.
And goggling for new races can be quite laborious, and most of the time will let you know of marathons that have already been run…

In short, it is quite frustrating to run the same races, by lack of a service easing the process of discovering new races around the world.

The solution

ahotu, has become 3 years after the inception of 42k195.com, the biggest marathon calendar with more than 2 200 races referenced in 100 different countries.

Whether it gathers a few tens of runners of tens of thousand, there is always a race organized somewhere, at any time of the year.

Upon this database, ahotu offers a unique set of tools to help you select your next race :

  • Browsing through the calendar: You do not have a clue, but you are curious. Browsing through the calendar will let you start form the whole database and shorten your list of race by selecting different criteria: size of the race, price, date, environment (road, trail, mountain, …) . Click on the ‘calendar’:/calendar option of the main menu.
  • Keyword search: you have heard about a specific race, or the region where it is supposed to be held? The keyword search will let you type in a few keywords to find the race you’re looking for. Use the search box on the upper right corner of the site.
  • Adavanced search : you would like to run in a specific region. You’re traveling for holidays or for a business trip and would like to enter a race while you’re away. Use our unique Advanced Search