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Interview: International Vladivostok Marathon

Hello, on September 23rd 2017, you’ll be organizing the International Vladivostok Marathon. Can you tell us where it is located? The International Vladivostok Marathon will be held in the city of Vladivostok, Russia, which is the most south-eastern city of the Russian Federation. You can get there with a 2 hours flight from Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing or a 3 hours...

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April 28 - 30 2017 - Where can you run this week-end?

April 28, 2017 01:00   Where can you run this week-end?

433 events are organized during next week-end all over the world. As the list would be too long to fit in this article, here is the list of marathons, half marathons or ultras. Good luck to you if you are taking part in one of these events. Don’t forget to come back to ahotu Marathons to share your experience with us. ...

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Results 2017: Divas Half Marathon® & 5K Galveston

April 24, 2017 17:47   News Results

Divas Half Marathon® Galveston The victory went to Zack Morgan who crossed the finish line at 01:33:05. Jacob Tonge secured second in this year’s race with a time of 01:37:08. Finishing third was Colin Als (01:40:27). In the women’s race, Kristen Dodd got a win, finishing with a time of 01:37:32 . Paige Loehding earned runner-up honors with a time of ...

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Levi's Presidio 10

Results 2017: Levi's Presidio 10

April 24, 2017 16:46   News Results

10 Mile Taylor Garrett grinded past more than 852 runners to win in 00:55:10. Coming in second was Vojta Ripa (00:56:20). Aron Lazzaro got the third place in 00:56:33. For the women, Kristi Rossi took top honors by finishing the race in 01:06:26 . Jordan Bock earned runner-up honors with a time of 01:08:35. Kelley Sternhagen got the third place in ...

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Results 2017: Salt Lake City Marathon

April 24, 2017 15:31   News Results

Salt Lake City Marathon Clinton Rhoton outpaced more then 632 runners to win in 02:35:13. Jesse Dunn earned runner-up honors with a time of 02:37:41. Rounding out the top three was Samson Mutua with a time of 02:40:33. For the women, Kristen Olsen scored victory with a time of 02:55:54 . She bested Lara Rheinemann who crossed the finish line 11 ...

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Results 2017: Banque Scotia 21k de Montreal

April 24, 2017 14:28   News Results

Banque Scotia 21k de Montreal Philippe Fortin outran roughly 2530 runners to win with a time of 01:28:33. Coming in second was Marc-Pierre Verge (01:31:27). Rounding out the top three was Javier Granados with a time of 01:42:50. In the ladies race, Stephaney Hortian scored victory with a time of 01:23:46 . She finished 13 minutes 49 seconds ahead of Kate ...

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