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Hello, on October 23rd 2016, you’ll be organizing the Luang Prabang Half Marathon. Can you tell us where it is located?

The race is located in Luang Prabang, Laos, a small town in the mountainous northern part of the country, designated a UNESCO world heritage site for its charm and preservation of both French colonial architecture and historic Lao-style Buddhist temples. 

How old is the race and why was it created in the first place?

This year will be the 4th running of the race, which was created to allow runners to enjoy the majestic town while supporting locally-based charities. Previously, the race was organized by a volunteer committee and collectively raised over $250,000 for various charities supporting children’s causes. This year the Lao Friends Hospital for Children (a previous race beneficiary) will take ownership of the race as an annual fundraising event for the hospital which provides free medical care to over 15,000 Lao children annually. A new feature of this year’s event is that any runner that independently fundraises USD $250 or more will have their entry fee waived.


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Results 2016: Marathon SSQ Lévis-Québec

Results 2016: Marathon SSQ Lévis-Québec

August 29, 2016 16:31   News Results

Marathon SSQ Lévis-Québec Ebisa Ejigu finished first in 02:30:40. He finished 5 minutes 27 seconds ahead of Evans Maiko. Brendan Lunty got the third place in 02:39:36. In the ladies race, Andree Paquet took top honors by finishing the race in 02:50:47 , followed by Joanne Normand who finished with a time of 03:00:06. Finishing third was Mylene Sansoucy (03:00:31). ...

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21k Ciudad de Guatemala

Results 2016: 21k Ciudad de Guatemala

August 29, 2016 15:33   News Results

Elisha CHUMO claimed victory with a time of 01:07:12. He bested Jose RAXON who crossed the finish line one minute 2 seconds behind him. Finishing third was Edilberto RAXON (01:08:20). In the women’s race, Grace WAMBUI got a win, finishing with a time of 01:19:56 . She finished one minute 24 seconds ahead of Merlin CHALI. ...

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Results 2016: Ultra Trail du Mont-Blanc

Results 2016: Ultra Trail du Mont-Blanc

August 29, 2016 14:29   News Results

As they do each year at the end of August, the best trail runners gathered in Chamonix, France to take part in the North Face Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (UTMB). Courmayeur Champex Chamonix (CCC) Michel LANNE won the race with a time of 12:10:04. He finished 5 minutes 16 secondes ahead of Ruy UEDA. Rounding out the ...

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Old Severn Bridge Half Marathon

Results 2016: Old Severn Bridge Half Marathon

August 29, 2016 12:39   News Results

Phil Matthews and Mark JENNINGS finished the race in the same time of 01:14:42, sharing the victory. Rounding out the top three was James Rodgers with a time of 01:14:42. In the ladies race, Katherine Matthews scored victory with a time of 01:24:50 . She finished 3 minutes 58 secondes ahead of Katie Lea. Sophie Walton got the third place ...

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August 26 - 28 2016 - Where can you run this week-end?

August 26 - 28 2016 - Where can you run this week-end?

August 26, 2016 01:01   Where can you run this week-end?

450 events are organized during next week-end in 38 different countries. Good luck to you if you are taking part in one of these events. Don’t forget to come back to ahotu Marathons to share your experience with us. Have a great run !!  Australia South Australia Kangaroo Island Marathon ...

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