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Hello, on October 23rd 2016, you’ll be organizing the Luang Prabang Half Marathon. Can you tell us where it is located?

The race is located in Luang Prabang, Laos, a small town in the mountainous northern part of the country, designated a UNESCO world heritage site for its charm and preservation of both French colonial architecture and historic Lao-style Buddhist temples. 

How old is the race and why was it created in the first place?

This year will be the 4th running of the race, which was created to allow runners to enjoy the majestic town while supporting locally-based charities. Previously, the race was organized by a volunteer committee and collectively raised over $250,000 for various charities supporting children’s causes. This year the Lao Friends Hospital for Children (a previous race beneficiary) will take ownership of the race as an annual fundraising event for the hospital which provides free medical care to over 15,000 Lao children annually. A new feature of this year’s event is that any runner that independently fundraises USD $250 or more will have their entry fee waived.


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Down Tow Up Flow Half Marathon

Results 2016: Down Tow Up Flow Half Marathon

July 27, 2016 07:57   News Results

Philipp GINTENSTORFER won the race with a time of 01:16:44. He finished 3 minutes 56 seconds ahead of Laurence MILES. Rounding out the top three was Ben GREGORY with a time of 01:22:16. For the women, Jill COLLETT finished first in 01:26:21 , followed by Stacey MAHONEY who finished with a time of 01:29:11. Rounding out ...

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Results 2016: BUFF® Epic Trail Aigüestortes - Skyrunning World Championships

Results 2016: BUFF® Epic Trail Aigüestortes - Skyrunning World Championships

July 26, 2016 15:03   News Results

The race held in the Aigüestortes National Park hosted the 2016 Skyrunning World Championships. 105 km Luis Alberto HERNANDO claimed back the world title he had got in Chamonix in 2014 finishing the 105 km with a time of 11:36:20, followed by Andy SYMONDS who finished with a time of 12:05:07. The third place went to Javier DOMINGUEZ ...

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Results 2016: Etna Trail

Results 2016: Etna Trail

July 26, 2016 13:57   News Results

Etna Trail Massimo CATANIA VITO  got a win, finishing the 90 km race with a time of 14:27:53. He finished 48 minutes 13 seconds ahead of Giacomo MARTORANA. The third place went to Roberto BERETTA    with a time of 15:21:43 In the women’s race, Susy OLVBACK took top honors by finishing the race in 16:31:00 ...

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Results 2016: Trail Aneto

Results 2016: Trail Aneto

July 26, 2016 13:30   News Results

Maratón de las Tucas GARCÍA CASTÁN Raúl scored victory with a time of 04:39:46. CAZCARRO ARASANZ Sergio earned runner-up honors with a time of 04:58:08. Rounding out the top three was NAVARRO MORENO Juan with a time of 04:58:09. In the ladies race, SIERRA MARIN Nuria got a win, finishing with a time of 06:07:30 . She finished 11 minutes 37 seconds ...

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Lakes Sky Ultra

Results 2016: Lakes Sky Ultra

July 25, 2016 15:32   News Results

Donald Campbell claimed victory with a time of 07:30:40, establishing a new record for the course. He was followed by Neil Talbott who finished with a time of 07:42:46. The third place went to Alexander Beaven with a time of 07:55:54 In the women’s race, Sarah Ridgway claimed victory with a time of 08:38:46 . She finished 34 minutes 52 seconds ...

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