Worldwide 2018 – 2019 Ultramarathon Calendar

Looking for a comprehensive guide to 2018 – 2019 ultramarathons organized around the world? You can browse our list of half marathons or filter down the selection to a specific location, month or type of race. You’ll find iconic 100 milers, shorter races to test yourself in the ultra world, road races, mountain races, races in deserts. The diversity of ultra races is really amazing.

We consider any race longer than 42.195km or 26.1mi to be an ultramarathon if it is run in a single stage. If you’re looking for races that have a specific fixed duration (ex : 24hr races), you can check the X-hour race calendar. If you like races run on several stages across several days, check our Multiday race calendar

If you’re looking for new 2013 – 2014 ultramarathons to compete in, this is the place to start searching. More than 1,800 ultramarathons are listed in over 75 countries around the world.

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