Mackenzie race to be first event on the calendar

28 May 2020 04:35
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Great North Run 2020: Organisers give update on this year's race

27 May 2020 11:16
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Will the 40th staging of the Great North Run be put on hold?

27 May 2020 10:30
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Omagh Half Marathon to now take place virtually

26 May 2020 18:22
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2020 Comrades Marathon to be held virtually in June

26 May 2020 13:00
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Loskop Marathon entrants to be refunded from June 1

26 May 2020 05:00
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New Forest Marathon still going ahead in September

26 May 2020 00:30
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What the Rochester Marathon might look like later this year

25 May 2020 04:41
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Kipchoge helps drum up support for virtual Lewa Marathon

24 May 2020 14:44
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Great Manchester Run memories

24 May 2020 12:48
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2020 Village Roadshow Theme Parks Gold Coast Marathon cancelled

24 May 2020 06:50
Jean-Loup Fenaux
Press Release
Today we confirm that the most difficult decision in the 41 year history of the annual Gold Coast Marathon has been made. When we issued a notification of suspended planning almost two months ago, we held genuine hopes that the opportunity to deliver an event as scheduled in July would present itself. The Queensland Government’s strong approach to addressing the COVID-19

Wally Hayward Marathon cancelled

24 May 2020 04:30
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