The North Face® Kathmandu Ultra

December 09, 2017 Cancelled
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The number for participants for the whole event is capped to 300.


The North Face® Kathmandu Ultra 80km
December 09, 2017 (Saturday) - 06:00
78 kilometers
3,920 meters
Cut off: 15:00 hours
The number for participants for the race is capped to 99.
The North Face® Kathmandu Ultra 50km
December 09, 2017 (Saturday) - 07:00
50.3 kilometers
3,050 meters
Cut off: 12:00 hours

0 – 11.75km: A slow 250m climb over the first 2.5km on a few hundred meters of jeep track then overgrown jungle trail. After crossing the steps that lead directly to the summit, the trail is mainly level all the way to Gurje Bhanjyang. The GPS track is noisy and shows a lot of climb and descent but in reality the trail is a very good run. The checkpoint will provide water and food items.

11.75 – 22.15km: After about a 1km on rough but flat jeep road, the 860m climb to Shivapuri begins with a right turn into the trees. The trail has been “improved” and you will find a lot of stone steps through the jungle. There are a few junctions which will be marked with pink chalk spray or red and white tape. At about 19.25km this trail joins the main trail. Turn left, then 200m further take the trail right to climb to the summit – do not take the downhill trail. (There is a viewpoint on the way on top of a big rock 5m off the trail. Be careful if you stand on top.) Cross the flat summit into the trees. After 40m the trail turns left down to Bagdwar, the source of the Bagmati river. Here too is a holy man, the Shivapuri Baba. Say namaste. There is good flowing springwater here.

22.15 – 30.4km: Take the small trail left of the buildings. After 600m it goes to the right and begins to descend. 3km further, you will cross a jeep road at a pass. The 27km course turns right here. The 50 & 80km courses go straight, climbing just over 100m to a main hiking trail at a high point of 2430m. It is another 3km descent to Chisapani from here to the next checkpoint. Water and food available.

30.4 – 38.4km: The 50km route returns 3km to the pass (Borlang Bhanjyang) then it is a long steady descent to the small village of Mulkharka. The trail passes through here and turns to the right into the river valley. The checkpoint is on a bridge across the Bagmati river. There can be hikers on this trail. Please shout “hello” or “excuse me” 10m ahead so you don’t surprise people and say namaste.

38.4 – 52km: 2km after the bridge, the forest trail climbs some 250m before leveling out. 8.6km from the bridge (45km) the trail passes an army checkpost and reaches a village. Keep to the right hand, forest-side trail. This soon becomes a wider jeep track. Continue on this track to the finish again.

The number for participants for the race is capped to 250.


Dec 09 2017 : Foggy in the morning.
9.1°C - 20.6°C (48.3°F - 69.1°F)

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