Press Release

Didrik Hermansen and Caroline Chaverot winners of the North Face® Lavaredo Ultra Trail

29 Jun 2015 17:05
Jean-Loup Fenaux
Credit : Lavaredo Ultra Trail

With the victory of Norwegian Didrik Hermansen and Caroline Chaverot from France, ends the ninth edition of The North Face® Lavaredo Ultra Trail. The final press conference and award ceremony of The North Face® Lavaredo Ultra Trail and Cortina Trail concluded these three intense days of trail running in Cortina d’Ampezzo (BL, Italy). Three days involving the whole City in an atmosphere full of sports, enthusiasm, competitive spirit and emotions.

In fact, whole Cortina has actively participated in this event, attending and cheering the runners along their way even all night long, or giving a big help as volunteers, more than 500, and welcoming runners from more than 56 nations, offering them great hospitality everywhere. Increasing the number of locals who participated in the races or intend to do so for the next editions.

The race The North Face® Lavaredo Ultra Trail, 119 km in an awesome contest, started on Friday, June 26 at 11pm in an exciting atmosphere with the music of Ennio Morricone and ended with the victory of the tireless Norwegian Didrik Hermansen (Team Asics) with a time of just 12 hours, 34 minutes and 29 seconds, commenting on his victory: "It was the first race where I was considered among the top runners, the victory was a big surprise and immense satisfaction. This season started really well! "

Second place went to the French Erik Clavery (Team Adidas), with a time of 13:01:07 exceeding during the last kilometers the Spanish guy Yeray Duran Lopez (Arista-The North Face) who earned the third place in 13:04: 16.

“It ’was one of the best races of my life,” commented Erik Clavery. Yeray Duran Lopez: “I’m happy with my race, an amazing course in a wonderful place.”

First Italian with a time of 13:29: 56 for which he won the eighth place, Marco Zanchi (Ace Pro Team), while the first Italian at the finish line was Lisa Borzani, who finished the race in 16: 58:07, winning the tenth position.

A delighted Caroline Chaverot (Hoka One One), who crossed the finish line with an amazing time of only 13 hours 40 minutes and 34 seconds, finishing in tenth place overall, and first place for the female competition:

“It was a tough race, and I do not expected to beat Nathalie, a great adversary, so this victory is a great satisfaction! "

Second place instead for Nathalie Mauclair (FRA), 14:25:02.

Credit : Lavaredo Ultra Trail

Third place went to the Brazilian Fernanda Maciel, who won in 2011 and was second in 2012, closing with a time of 15:18:35. Fernanda Maciel says: “I am very happy to have finished the race which was very tough with some small physical problem for me along the way but I did everything to force myself to finish the race.”

In the shorter race, but equally interesting, the Cortina Trail of 47 km, has won David Cheraz (ITA) before Stefano Fantuz (ITA). The respective times were 4:43:08 and 4:54:26. Third Slovenian Sebastjan Zarnik that ends the race in 4:58:30.

The top positions in the women’s Cortina Trail go to the British Kim Spence, 5:42:33, ahead of the German Kerstin Erdmann with 5:58:42 and the Italian Anna Biasin, who won the third place in 5:59: 54.

In today’s press conference, Mayor of Cortina Andrea Franceschi, appreciated the organizers Simone Brogioni and Cristina Murgia for bringing this sporting event to Cortina creating a spectacular and exciting atmosphere for the whole city.

The organizer and race director Simone Brogioni opened the press conference with a short video on the 2015 edition to relive the emotions of these days, thanking the local administration, the Hotel de la Poste for hosting the conference, and co-workers and volunteers and of course the sponsors (The North Face®, the historic title sponsor, Jeep, Isostad, Garmin, Buff, Gipron and Cortina Dolomites)

Here are some numbers of the Lavardo Ultra Trail Edition 2015

  • Cortina Skyrace, novelty of this year with a course path of 20 km, which has already garnered great interest; 300 registered, 230 actual participants of which 208 have completed the race (90%).
  • Winners Manuel Speranza and Monica Gaspari from Cortina.
  • The Cortina Trail recorded 1300 registrations, with 995 active participants and 945 finisher, (95%).
  • At The North Face® Lavaredo Ultra Trail, the percentage of foreign participants was 65% among them many top runners, coming from 56 nations, 1300 were registered, at the start in 1200 runners, and 746 were able to finish the 119 km long race (67%).
  • More than 30 national and international journalists accredited.