Press Release

ENERGIZER Launches Global That’s Positivenergy™ Campaign in Malaysia

24 Jan 2012 07:01
Jean-Loup Fenaux

Mike Foong, Managing Director of Energizer Malaysia unveiling the company's new 'That's Positivenergy' global campaign that promises advanced consumer innovations and international events in the near future.
KUALA LUMPUR, 19 January 2012 – Energizer Malaysia has launched a major initiative that changes the way the global leader in portable power engages consumers in working together to make a positive difference to the world.

The campaign – That’s Positivenergy – supports Energizer’s global efforts to set a new course for the next generation of portable power through a continued commitment to creating long-lasting batteries with zero mercury, which translates to using fewer batteries, therefore helping to reduce waste and the impact on the environment.

The platform is brought to life in a new, global campaign comprising television, print, online and social networking efforts, and special events. The foundation of the new platform combines performance and responsibility, and demonstrates Energizer’s long-standing commitment to responsible power and serving the community.

“Energizer recognises that consumers are placing greater emphasis on responsibility for themselves, the community and the environment as a whole,” said Mr. Mike Foong, Managing Director of Energizer Malaysia Sdn Bhd at the launch on Monday.

“That’s why we are reaching out to consumers with new, unique initiatives. We believe everyone has the power to make a positive impact, in our own community and beyond.”

Malaysian Leg: Energizer Night Race for a Brighter World

In line with That’s Positivenergy, Energizer Malaysia will be bringing back the annual Energizer Night Race on the 21st of April this year that promises to re-inspire participants and consumers with Energizer’s global positioning of ‘Keep Challenging, Keep Growing’ in more ways than one.

This year, Energizer Malaysia will be partnering with the Malaysian District of Kiwanis, an international not-for-profit organisation for the Energizer Night Race, which is well-known for its established initiatives such as the Kiwanis Down Syndrome Foundation and the Service Leadership Program (SLP), an international youth development program that provides leadership training.

Under the partnership, RM10 from every registration for the Energizer Night Race will be channelled to children development and learning programs by Kiwanis Malaysia, with RM50,000 set as the initial target from an estimated 5,000 participants.

Energizer Malaysia is also planning to enhance the contribution by aiming to raise another RM200,000 through proceeds from the sales of Energizer battery packs throughout the registration period leading up to the race, putting the total target charity contribution at RM250,000.

“We at Energizer Malaysia recognise how we can do better than before and deliver a world-class sporting event that embodies our aspirations and corporate responsibility. In line with the responsibility and sustainability represented by That’s Positivenergy, we are very excited to be partnering with Kiwanis to support its motto of ‘Serving the Children of the World’.

“This is an effort that goes beyond Energizer itself. We strongly urge our trade partners and consumers to support this initiative and the life-changing opportunities it will provide for children throughout Malaysia, giving them the power for a brighter future,” said Foong.

History of Responsible Product Innovation

That’s Positivenergy highlights Energizer’s legacy of category leadership in bringing responsible portable power to the marketplace, and is rooted in the company’s commitment to providing longer lasting batteries which help to reduce waste.

In 1991, Energizer developed the first commercially available alkaline battery with no added mercury, and expanded its zero-mercury offerings to specialty and hearing aid batteries. Energizer was the first to harness the power of lithium in AA and AAA cells, creating the world’s longest lasting battery in high-tech devices which means consumers use fewer batteries and make less waste.

Energizer is also the leader in a wide range of rechargeable products that can be reused hundreds of times. In lighting products, Energizer brings together energy efficient LED, lithium technology, and other advanced features that distinguish the brand within the category.

“Among our current offerings, Energizer MAX provides Power Seal Technology which locks in power, while Energizer Lithium represents the world’s longest-lasting double-A and triple-A batteries in high tech devices,” said Foong.

“This has translated into our superior leadership in global market share positions, including Malaysia. Energizer is leading through performance and driving responsibility in every category, making Energizer a household name that is synonymous with long-lasting, value-for-money consumer batteries and power solutions,” he concluded.

New Visual Identity

Energizer’s latest global initiative still carries the refreshed visual identity that captures the new energy behind the popular brand. “The new campaign builds upon our distinctive Energy Beams, established in our new visual identity launch in 2010, and uses our popular and familiar Energizer Man icon to tell the story,” said Foong.