Wangaratta Marathon and Fun Runs

Results 2018: Wangaratta Marathon and Fun Runs

26 Feb 2018 12:38
Jean-Loup Fenaux
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Wangaratta Marathon Kevin Muller grinded past more than 112 runners to win in 02:47:36, followed by Dan Beard who finished with a time of 02:52:39. Hamish Deery got the third place in 02:58:22. For the women, Bonnie Davies took top honors by finishing the race in 03:28:24 . Philli Surey earned runner-up honors with a time of 03:32:36. The third place

Results 2017: Wangaratta Marathon and Fun Runs

01 Mar 2017 14:25
Jean-Loup Fenaux
Wangaratta Marathon Andrew Compson took top spot in 02:49:56, followed by Daniel Aragao who finished with a time of 02:57:42. Finishing third was Shane Mallia (03:01:55). For the women, Amelia Griffith finished first in 03:09:04 . She bested Serena Wooldridge who crossed the finish line 19 minutes 12 seconds behind her. Rounding out the top three was Sarah Franks with a

Results: Hall repeats, Daly takes top spot in Victoria

Marathon results Cameron Hall (2:46:30.7) finished just ahead of David Alcock (2:47:00.5) to defend his title in the 6th annual Wangaratta Marathon in Victoria, Australia. Tom Beilby took third with a time of 2:49:31.8. For the women, it was Rachel Glasson (2:56:02.5) winning with ease. She was the only runner to finish under three hours. Amelia Griffith came in a distance