Press Release

Good Things Come in Threes: New Brunswick's First Ever 2013 Tri-City Run

25 Feb 2013 10:00
Jean-Loup Fenaux

For anyone seeking a challenge of marathon proportions, and a medal to prove it, the Fredericton Scotia Bank Marathon, Marathon by the Sea in Saint John and Moncton’s Legs for Literacy/Courir pour lire Marathon have joined forces for 2013 to offer a unique Tri-City Run. As the first event of its kind in the region, finishers of all three events can connect their distinct medals to form one. “As race organizers, we have collaborated on a medal design for each of our respective events,” says Mike Doyle of Marathon by the Sea, "Once assembled, it becomes “The Tri-City Medallion”, marking the triple achievement."

Marie Wilson, Race Director for Moncton’s event says, “This is a chance for runners and walkers of all levels to take the challenge – compete in any one event in all three of New Brunswick’s premier events and collect the three parts of the medallion.” The Fredericton, Saint John and Moncton events offer various distances to appeal to everyone from the new runner or walker to the experienced marathoner. “The timing of the events couldn’t be better,” says Paul Lavoie of Fredericton’s Scotiabank Marathon," The May, August and October events allow runners to train for and recover from one event before the next training begins.

Consider one of the following tempting combinations:-“The Climb” (10 km in Fredericton on May 12th, Half Marathon in Saint John on Aug 11th), and the Full Marathon, in Moncton on Oct 27th),

  • “The Recovery” (A half or full marathon in Fredericton, a 10k in Saint John and the 5k in Moncton)
  • The “Speedster’s Personal Best Challenge” (A 10 K or Half Marathon at each of the three events aiming for a personal best each time),
  • “Marathon Extreme” for the true distance runner whose goal is to complete three marathons in 168 days
  • “Make your own combo”; any combination of distances in each of the three cities

To be part of this great initiative, participants should begin by registering and training for a distance at the Fredericton race to be held on May 12, following that, Marathon by the Sea in Saint John is on August 11, and the final event is Moncton’s Legs for Literacy/Courir pour lire on October 27. Complete the three events, get the three medals, and join them together to form a mega-medal: New Brunswick’s Tri-City Medallion!