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Maratón Donostia - San Sebastian : the Pearl of the Cantabrian Sea

29 Sep 2011 08:21
Jean-Loup Fenaux

§staticmap(1630,5,450,250)Hello, on November 27th 2011, you’ll be organizing the Maratón Donostia. Can you tell us where it is located?

San Sebastian – Donostia is located in the North of Spain, in the Basque Country, really close to France.

How old is the race and why was it created in the first place?

This year we will be holding the 34th edition. The race was first created because the town is perfect for a very flat and fast route which runs along beautiful natural sights.

What kind of route have you set up for the runners? How would you describe it?

It is a very fast and flat route, perfect to achieve good personal marks.

Credit : Maratón Donostia – San Sebastián
How many runners do you expect on Sunday morning? What type of runners do you plan to attract?

We expect about 3,500 runners and we plan to attract any recreational or serious runner who wants to get a good personal mark and at the same time enjoy visiting one of the most beautiful towns in Spain.

Do you organize other races during the Week-End? If so, on what distances?

This year for the first time we are planning to organize a 10 km race, limited to 1,000 entries and with a time limit of 1 hour. On October 16th we are also holding the 15th edition of 15km San Sebastian, another beautiful race where we expect around 4000 runners and more than 500 roller blade skaters.

Credit : Maratón Donostia – San Sebastián
At that time of the year, what kind of weather can we expect?

At that time of the year we can expect a temperature around 10-12ºC.

Have you planned festivities around the marathon?

We will set up a spectacular start with music, speakers, DJ, there will be some entertainment along the route and of course, a spectacular finish line inside Anoeta Stadium.

There will also be video cameras filming the runners at 5 different points along the route and all runners will be able to download and edit their own footage.

In addition to that, there will be lots of people cheering and supporting the runners along the route because local people really enjoy and support this kind of events, so the atmosphere is really cool.

Credit : Maratón Donostia – San Sebastián
The race finished, what advice would you give a runner who has never been to San Sebastian before? A good restaurant, a fancy sightseeing?

San Sebastian is a small city of 183,000 inhabitants, with a remarkably high level of cultural activity for its size. The beauty of its Bay, known as the Pearl of the Cantabrian Sea; its situation in a natural amphitheatre facing the sea and protected by mountains; its quality of life, and its famous gastronomy have turned it into a world-class tourist destination.

Cultural activity grew at the same pace as tourist activity, so that today the city boasts a top quality performing arts and cultural programme. The International Film Festival, The ‘Jazzaldia’ Jazz Festival and Music Fortnight are the highlights of its year-round programme, which also includes themed film festivals such as the ‘Surfilm’ Surfing Film Festival and the Film and Human Rights Festival, and performing arts events such as the ‘dFeria’ Theatre Festival.

Thanks to all this activity, San Sebastian has recently been named European Capital of Culture 2016

San Sebastian is also world famous as a food tourism destination, since it’s collected more Michelin stars per square metre of its territory than any other city in the world; and, as the birthplace of the “new Basque cuisine” movement, it’s nurtured the renaissance of Basque gastronomy. The quality of its ingredients and its world famous “pintxos” (tapas) give much pleasure to both local people and visitors all year round.

Credit : Maratón Donostia – San Sebastián

In a single sentence, what would you tell the readers of ahotu Marathons to make them register for the Maratón Donostia?

Get your best personal mark in a fast route in one of the most beautiful towns in Spain. If you want to register go to