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Mattoni Liberec Nature Run: Hrochová improved the event record of 12K race by five minutes

08 Oct 2019 08:31
Jean-Loup Fenaux
Credit : RunCzech

Mattoni Liberec Nature Run: Hrochová improved the event record of 12K race by five minutes, Vít Pavlišta dominated at 23 km distance

The second year of the Mattoni Liberec Nature Run 12 & 23 km, the tenth race of the RunCzech season, was dominated by Vít Pavlišta in the 23 km race (1:26:16). Marcela Rambová (1:47:57) was the best among women. 12K distance was won by Robert Heczko (0:43:31). Tereza Hrochová managed to improve the 12K event record by five minutes clocking 0:48:11. All the winners together with almost 2,700 other participants had to cope with cold and rainy conditions.

Vít Pavlišta confirmed again his great form. During the whole RunCzech season of this year he was usually the best Czech runner. “It could have been harder today. I ran my pace and had no one to race with, ”said the winner of the 23-kilometer race Vít Pavlišta, adding that rain and mud made the course even more difficult. “It was quite cold up there in Jizerka Mountains, the surface was slippery and muddy. Certainly it was more difficult race than last year,“ he added.

A total of 2,673 runners participated in the Mattoni Liberec Nature Run. 1,289 runners took part in the 23 km distance, and other 1,394 competitors started the 12 km race. 708 parents and children ran the dm family run.

The Mattoni Liberec Nature Run was committed to being an all round natural, pure and, above all, environmentally friendly race. It was organized in the principles of the circular economy. Mattoni, the long term partner of RunCzech, has developed a special edition of Mattoni bottles made from 80% rPET plastic which are subsequently recycled and used to produce new bottles with the same features. This allows to achieve complete circularity with the plastic bottles.

The 2019 RunCzech running season will end with the last race in Italy, Sorrento Positano. It will take place on December 1 and offer two courses – Panoramica 27 km and Ultramarathon 54 km.