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Results: Amos adheres to when in Rome mantra, wins first attempt at marathon

13 Apr 2016 05:42
Credit : Dylan Harries

Marathon results

In his marathon debut, Kipruto Amos (2:08:12) outpaced almost 13,900 runners to win the 22nd annual Maratona di Roma in Western Italy. Repeating as runner-up in the IAAF Gold Label Road Race was Birhanu Achamie at 2:09:27. Achamie finished just steps ahead of Dominic Ruto and Beyu Tujuba Megersa, who tied for third with a time of 2:09:28.

Victoria del keniano Amos Choge Kipruto (2h08:12) y la etíope Rahma Tusa (2h28:49) en el Maratón de Roma

— LaBolsaDelCorredor (@BolsaCorredor) April 10, 2016

For the women, it was Rahma Tusa (2:28:49) taking the top spot while setting a personal best by more than five minutes in the process. Melka Mulu Duru managed second with a time of 2:29:59. In third was Kenza Dahmani, who set a personal record of her own at 2:33:53.

A few goose bumps as we turned the corner at about the 17km mark to see this staring down@MaratonadiRoma #IRunRome

— Scott42195 (@Scott42195) April 10, 2016

Top 10 Men

1 Kipruto AMOS KEN 2:08:12
2 Birhanu ACHAMIE ETH 2:09:27
3 Dominic RUTO KEN 2:09:28
4 Beyu Tujuba MEGERSA ETH 2:09:28
5 Abebe NEGEWO ETH 2:11:02
6 Ezekial OMULLO KEN 2:11:49
7 Kipemboi R. KIPLIMO KEN 2:12:22
8 Cheboit SILAS KEN 2:12:33
9 Muhakr HAREDIN ETH 2:12:44
10 Kisorio Hosea KIMELI KEN 2:17:12

Top 10 Women

1 Rahma TUSA ETH 2:28:49
2 Melka Mulu DURU ETH 2:29:59
3 Kenza DAHMANI DZA 2:33:53
4 Givanna EPIS ITA 2:38:20
5 Dominika STELMACH POL 2:43:53
6 Anna ALBERTI ITA 2:47:49
7 Metaferiya ZENEBE ETH 2:50:43
8 Paola SALVATORI ITA 2:52:33
9 Maurizia CUNICO ITA 2:54:08
10 Grazia Maria BIANCHI VEN 2:55:30

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