Marcialonga Keeps on... Running

22 Jul 2013 11:10
Jean-Loup Fenaux
Press Release

Marcialonga Running race scheduled on 1st September.
Almost 500 participants already registered.
Entries open until the end of August. Discounts for those who register in July.
First task for the new Marcialonga president Corradini.

After a sensational road cycling race a few weeks ago – the Cycling Craft event amongst the Dolomites – Marcialonga is back on track with the Running event scheduled for next 1st September. The 25,5k long race from Moena to Cavalese was born in 2003 and since the beginning aimed to drag sport lovers’ attention to beautiful Val di Fiemme and Val di Fassa in a summer dress. Marcialonga is well-known as a ski-marathon, but today whenever you refer to Italy’s Marcialonga, it could be cross country ski, it could be cycling and it could be running.

40 days to go and almost 500 participants from 10 countries already registered to the race. Until the end of July, those who decide to take part in the 2013 Marcialonga Running race will receive an online discount and pay only € 23. The price will raise by € 5 from 1 to 30 August and those who will register on 31 August will pay € 35.

Last year’s Running race was won by Italian Giovanni Gualdi and Eliana Patelli who kept at bay Said Boudalia, Hicham El Barouki, Monica Carlin and Mirella Bergamo, among others.
Next September’s Marcialonga Running will be the first official task for Marcialonga’s new president Angelo Corradini, who will preside also the Minirunning event on Sunday 1 September morning for kids aged 6-12 years.

In the meantime, Marcialonga OC unveiled 2013 race pack that contains a yellow fluo t-shirt and a pair of yellow fluo athletic socks, plus Plakkontrol and Enervit products.

The 2013 Marcialonga Running is the last step of the Combined event ‘Punto3 Craft’, together with the recent Marcialonga Cycling Craft and last January’s ski-marathon.