With Marco Olmo's Tips, Running the DXT 2016 will be easier

24 Feb 2016 13:16
Jean-Loup Fenaux
Press Release
Marco Olmo

The renowned athlete from Piemonte, the ultra-trail international myth, will be available to provide

information and advice to participants of the event in the Val di Zoldo that will run on 10-12 June this year.

Registrations for the DXT reach big numbers! The 750 threshold has been exceeded.

Val di Zoldo (Belluno) Italy – Amongst others, Marco Olmo will be present at the fourth edition of the “Dolomiti Extreme Trail”, the running event that is set in the Val di Zoldo landscape, in the Dolomiti of the Belluno province, UNESCO world heritage.

The athlete from Piemonte, born 1948, is one of the symbols of international ultra-trail running. Amongst his many feats, he has a double win with the Ultra trail du Mont Blanc (2006 e 2007), many victories at the Grand Raid du Cro Magnon, podiums at the Marathon des Sables, and numerous other adventures at varying altitudes.

Olmo will be present during the days of the race, not participating but on the sidelines. He will be available to the participants and the aficionados to share his experiences. In particular, on the 9th in the afternoon but also on the morning of the 10, he will participate in 2 of the programmed collective training sessions. On the evening of the 9th, he will present to an audience one of his achievements, at the Dont Cinema. Whilst, on the Friday afternoon, he will take part in the conference debate that will take place at the arrival point in Pieve, with the top runners of the 2016 edition of the DXT.

Meanwhile, registrations for the DXT continue. The race is one that in a few years has managed to grow both technically and in terms of number of participants. This year, aside from the 2015 distances available (23 and 53 kms), the event will also offer a 103km route (7.150 metres of positive gradient change, 7.060 metres of negative gradient change). Of all the participants registered so far (over the 750 threshold), 40% are foreigners.

«We are approaching the 800 registrations» explained the organisers. «It is a great achievement but we don’t want to stop here. A comforting statistic is that of the foreign participation. At the moment, 35 countries are being represented.».